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Craft time, customize life

In modern society, people's work, life and even aesthetic level are inseparable from the participation of furniture. Furniture design brings visual beauty and tactile comfort to the interior space. It can be said that furniture has become a popular culture Very important player. In the field of sofas, Yijian Home uses personalized design to meet the human needs of different people and different occasions. Such as: whole-house custom sofas
Commercial stores, (beauty salons, Internet cafes, etc.), comprehensive office buildings, living quarters, hospitals, etc.
Bring your living space to life. Get comfortable.
And find yourself at home.
- Custom Design -

Intimate enjoyment, Free design

Yijian Home (trademark: Yixiang Chaoshang) can customize your own design according to your needs.
Professional designers tailor-made, one-stop service saves effort and effort. Everyone has their own story. Under the sun, in the green field, build a home that can carry their dreams, and sit on a sofa. Life may be plain and simple, but it has its own meaning.

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No.1 Selenium Third Road, Henglin Town,
Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province

For more than ten years, Yijian Household has persisted in original design

and promoted the development of China's furniture

industry with original design style!

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